Tuesday marks a new dawn in D.C. fast food, with the 11 a.m. grand opening of Danny Meyer‘s hallowed New York burger chain Shake Shack in Dupont Circle, a venue destined to rival the local Five Guys behemoth.

Nearly four years ago, I was on the flip-side of this equation, during the opening of the first Five Guys location in New York. “Now D.C.’s got nuthin’ on us!” declared one of many proudly posted comment cards displayed inside the Brooklyn address. The place immediately drew comparisons to Meyer’s Shack and burger buffs converged in droves to see how D.C.’s famous burgers stacked up against the New York standard bearer.

I recall one unprovoked critic who, after gobbling his burger, emphatically preferred Meyer’s glorified hot-dog stand. “Shake Shack!”

“It’s the potato buns,” concluded his buddy across the table, referring, of course, to Meyer’s buns. “Makes all the difference.”

It will be interesting to see if D.C.-area diners respond differently.

How does the Shack burger stack up? Stick your opinion in the comments section.

Shake Shack, 1216 18th St. NW

Photo by Chris Shott