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Dishes We Dug: “Walk of Shame” breakfast burrito (pictured, featuring sirloin steak, scrambled eggs, cheddar, and green chile sauce) at Ted’s Bulletin; “Cowboy steak” (a “family night” special) at Bar Pilar; the “Clogger” sandwich (hot beef brisket, provolone, bacon, gravy, mayonnaise, on a kaiser roll) at Star and Shamrock; “Devils on Horseback” (dates stuffed with blue cheese and wrapped in bacon) and crispy pork belly with  spring onion soffrito, herb crust, and chervil at Firefly.

Dishes We Didn’t: Beef tongue tacos at El Centro D.F. Perhaps the worst case of bovine cottonmouth in recorded history.

Most Serviceable Reader Comment About D.C.’s New Shake Shack: “Just be sure to bring an awl or suitable pocket knife to expand your belt a notch or two.” (Find out how many calories are in that “Shack Stack” and
triple-dip chocolate sundae here.)

Most Appropriate Photo Op at a D.C. Eatery: “Where’s Waldo” at Georgetown Cupcake. Good luck singling out the goofy looking guy in that long line of interlopers.

Photo by Chris Shott