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If there’s one thing I like better than a good gourmet doughnut, it’s the opportunity to sauce that tasty tiny fried cake myself. Case in point: the ambrosial “B Baby’s Beignets” at Founding Farmers, served with a trio of delectable house-made dips.

Desperate dessert seekers, please be patient. The New Orleans-inspired sweets are made fresh every few hours but they don’t go into the fryer until you order. “They will take about twenty minutes,” my server warned me, “but they’re delicious.” She was right. The lemon-sized, sugar-glazed confections arrive piping hot, dusted with powdered sugar, inside an open brown paper bag; the smell of freshly fried dough wafting through the air.

But the proverbial pièce de résistance is, of course, the saucing. You get three: a decadent semi-sweet chocolate, a salty caramel and a mouth-puckering raspberry coulis.

Consider it a big upgrade on the boring old chocolate or jelly doughnut. Here, you can have both; plus, creamy caramel.

Dip or drizzle according to your preferences. If you really want to get crazy, I recommend mixing the sauces. Raspberry and chocolate, or chocolate and caramel combine to make luscious combinations.

Raspberry and caramel? Well, let’s not get too crazy.

Naturally, a fanatical condiment connoisseur like myself can’t help but dream up new ways to sauce-up even the most delicious dish. Might I suggest to Founding Farmers the addition of a fourth dip, the supernal chocolate-bacon sauce?

Founding Farmers, 1924 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, (202) 822-8783

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Photos by Samantha Le