TruOrleans, the District’s umpteenth new Louisiana-themed restaurant, opens Friday night at 400 H Street NE.

The menu, full of gumbo, jambalaya, blackened tilapia and the like, also includes a handy glossary, plainly defining every Cajun Creole phrase from “Roux flavor” to, yes, even “gator.” The restaurant lists “gator tenders,” priced at $12, among its appetizers.

What is gator?

This meaty definition can be a helpful clarification. “It is chicken and I think it is the seasoning–I don’t believe they actually use alligator meat,” a rep for the restaurant recently told me. “I will double check though.” Later, I hear back: “Yes, by goodness, it is gator meat,” the rep says, “and I ate it–tastes like chicken.”

Check out the full menu here.

TruOrleans, 400 H St. NE, (202) 290-1244