In trademark violation, this bottle has the words "Mumbo Sauce" on it.

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D.C. native Arsha Jones dishes to WaPo about her special brand of mumbo sauce. Jones, 34, has bottled up her own version of the District’s indigenous condiment, a staple of Chinese carry-outs across the city, which is slowly gaining  greater recognition beyond the local chicken-wing-lover demographic. Complex magazine, for instance, recently posted a guide to mumbo sauce hotspots in D.C.

Jones’ own brand is called Capital City Mumbo Sauce, which she now sells online. The mother of four makes the stuff out of her home in Annapolis and sees great potential for popularizing the product beyond the inner-city subculture. One possibility: “Maybe mumbo sauce in grocery aisles in Bethesda.”

Image courtesy of Capital City Mumbo Sauce