The Baltimore Sun reports on a “new twist on the sustainable food movement“—local chefs serving snakeheads, the invasive fish species from Asia that is overtaking Chesapeake-area rivers. The Sun cites some of the biggest names in the D.C.-area food scene as taking part in the campaign, including Volt‘s Bryan Voltaggio (“Here’s a fish you can feel good about depleting,” he says), as well as Graffiato‘s Mike Isabella and The Source‘s Scott Drewno. The article also quotes former Hook and Blue Ridge chef Barton Seaver, who served up snakeheads as part of an “invasive species sushi bar” at a National Geographic Society gala in June:

“It had the same dense, meaty and yet flaky texture of eel with a real sweet aftertaste to it,” he said. “It’s a good fish. It should be. It spends all day eating bass and other tasty fish.”

Photo by Brian Gratwicke/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license