Zagat’s updated “2012 Washington, DC/Baltimore Restaurants Survey,” is officially released on Wednesday. In it, you’ll find D.C.’s most popular restaurants listed as follows: Zaytinya, 2 Amys, Central, Citronelle, Inn at Little Washington. And the city’s top rated places for food: Marcel’s (29 out of 30 points), Inn at Little Washington (29) Komi (29), CityZen (28), Rasika (28), Makoto (28), Eve (28), Citronelle (28), Palena (28).

But, you probably could’ve guessed all of those.  As the Baltimore Sun duly points out, “Think of this an update of the previous edition, with 119 new listings. But established restaurants have not been re-rated and re-ranked—that happens every other year.”

Read Y&H alum Tim Carman‘s definitive piece on the survey, “Dear Zagat,” here.