National Law Journal checks in with the firm Steptoe & Johnson now that neighboring Dupont Circle burger joint Black & Orange—formerly called Rogue States—has re-opened after resolving problems with its kitchen ventilation system. The law firm sued last year over “smoke and food odors” emanating from the restaurant, allegedly causing its roster of counselors “headaches, nausea, dizziness, watery and itchy eyes, drowsiness and distraction.” Last October, a judge ordered the restaurant to close until the ventilation problem could be fixed. In June, the restaurant re-opened after installing a $90,000 ventilation system that extends to the top of the 10-story building. “Our sole concern has been the health and welfare of our employees,” a firm spokesperson tells the journal. “As long as that issue is addressed, we’re pleased to have them back in the neighborhood.”

Photo by Chris Shott