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The Village Voice directs our attention to this cutesy Zagat Buzz video demonstrating the various types of annoying restaurant patrons and their ordering habits. Which order type are you?

There’s the apologetic type: “is it remotely possible at all to have no ice?…I’m so sorry.”

The indecisive type: “I think I want the potato skins….”

The macho type: “two shots of Jamo—bring it!”

The high maintenance type: “I want one piece of wheat and one piece of rye…”

The long-pauser type: “Yes…my turn…I would like, from the non, um, alcohol beverages section a…Coke. A Cola.”

The low-talker type: “[inaudible]”

And, the “off the menu” type: “instead of the whole salad thing can I get…”

Me: I’m probably more of the asks-too-many-questions-for-an-average-customer type. But thankfully, there’s no footage of that type here.