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Eater DC follows up with chef R.J. Cooper after posting a copy of his two-page “Reservation Agreement” that patrons must sign prior to being seated at his Bladgen Alley hotspot Rogue 24. The news of the Coop’s lawyerly booking policy spread far and wide this week. Even Time magazine made mention of it. In light of this, the Rogue Toque has revised the policy and the document itself, which he now describes as more of a “guest questionnaire.”

The Coop tells Eater that he had no idea the contract would create such a shitstorm:

“No, I didn’t. But it’s not any different than going to Minibar or Alinea. The difference is that Alinea has six reservationists that can handle that; we have one. Minibar has six seats; we have 52. Komi has a no camera and phone policy in their restaurant. What’s the difference? Is it going to make experience better to have a phone? If it does, please tell me, because I hate my phone. I’d rather not have to deal with the 500 emails and 60 voice messages I get every day. I’d rather just sit and really enjoy the experience of a place like this. Are we doing this out of arrogance? No. Are we doing it out of being hyped? No. We’re doing it to make sure you as a diner have a valued experience.