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Lebanese-themed shawarma-and-falafel joint Shawafel opened this week along D.C.’s burgeoning H Street corridor. Operated by Alberto Sissi, a veteran of José Andrés’ Think Food Group, the shiny new fast-casual-style joint serves various chicken, lamb and beef wraps. But, its “signature” item is a french-fry sandwich—”the only one in town,” according to Sissi, who expects the “night goers” along the popular party strip to find it immensely “satisfying.”

Young & Hungry dropped by the Northeast D.C. eatery for a bite of Sissi’s exclusively super-starchy sandwich, priced at $6.50, last night. And it tastes, well, pretty much like you’d expect a pile of greasy fries, smothered in ketchup and creamy cole slaw, then wrapped into a griddled pita, to taste: full of fat and guilt. (The menu also mentions pickles in the mix, but mine had none.) Sissi’s new eatery might trace its roots to the Middle East. But this thing seems entirely American to me. Vendors should hawk it at the Iowa State Fair, if they don’t already.

After a few bites...
Subsequently dissected....

Photos by Chris Shott