Some reports on-the-fly from D.C.-area eating and drinking establishments in the wake of Tuesday afternoon’s 5.8-magnitude earthquake.

Capitol Lounge: “Yes – we are open. Accepting nominations for quake specials.” [Twitter]

Lost Society: “chandeliers clattered” but that is all, rep says.

Medium Rare: “Earth shattering. Half price small craft IPA. Cmon in” [Twitter]

Hill Country: No damage, rep says. “We’re definitely open…bar is packed.”

Argonaut: “Open early today!” [Twitter]

Scion: “Happy Hour starting right now! #earthquakedc” [Twitter]

The Passenger: “Want to get shook up again? Tiki Tuesday will be rocking worlds tonight.” [Twitter]

Nellie’s Sports Bar: “Stop by for a ‘Shake Down Happy Hour’ starting at 5 p.m.” [Metromix DC]

Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel: “A few glasses broke, says a staffer, who adds, ‘It was just me running out of the building like a little girl.'” [Arts Desk]

Brasserie Beck: “Earthquake happy hour starts … right now! All draft beer $5.90 until 8:00 pm!” [Metromix DC]

Taylor Gourmet: “We’re open & serving up PTSD hoagies.” [Twitter]

Madam’s Organ: “earthquake? That was just the Madam letting you all know she’s ready to party!” [Twitter]

Dickson Wine Bar: “earthquake happy hour all night!! come in and have a $5 glass of wine, $4 beer and a delicious bahn mi sandwich!!!” [Facebook]

Tallula and EatBar: $5.90 draft beers (all drafts) from 7 p.m. until close, rep says.

Rustico (both locations): happy hour starts at 4 p.m.; signature carrot hummus for $5.90 all evening, rep says.

Stadium Club: “All our Dancers are accounted for, the Poles are intact, So Get out of gridlock & Enjoy our Open Bar happy hour.” [Twitter]

Rustik: “tonight only pizza: bacon, prosciutto, heirloom tomatoes & potatoes – ‘earthquake pizza‘.” [Twitter]

H Street Country Club: “Ok. We’ve changed our underpants & were ready for a drink. Join us. Happy hour all night.” [Twitter]

Little Miss Whiskey’s: “Shaken not stirred, we are open early for evacuation/early drinking! Come have an awesomeness and tell us your tale of quake-y goodness.” [Twitter]

Rogue 24 and Sax: opening tonight as usual, rep says.

Founding Farmers: opening at 5 pm; had to evacuate the IMF building, now cleaning and prepping; suffered revenue loss as a result of closing/evacuation, rep says.

Smith Commons and Graffiato: business as usual, rep says.

J&G Steakhouse: $5.90 “aftershock” drink special at the wine bar and on the patio: vodka lemonade made with Charbay Meyer Lemon Vodka, tonight through Friday night, rep says.

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Image by Jkwchui/Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license