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For those vegetarians who favor passive-aggressive tactics in restaurant communications, the Takoma Park, Md.-based organization Compassion Over Killing (COK) has just the thing for you. The meatless advocacy group has created some new “restaurant manager cards,” providing a quick, easy and non-verbal way to tell a restaurant  that you want to see more vegan options on the menu.

COK instructs diners to sit the notice atop the paid bill. The tented cards then direct the server to give the note to the manager. The card quotes articles and stats about the growing meatless population and explains the benefits of providing vegetarian and vegan dishes. It also directs the restaurant to contact the COK team for additional guidance.

Then, presumably, the card ends up in the trash. But perhaps a few will make an impact.

The card is friendly, and frankly, pretty cute. It doesn’t feature horrific images of mutilated animals in cages; it travels the “killing with kindness” paradigm. But will these cards, offered and shipped for free, actually change menus?

It’s hard to imagine a busy server remembering to pass this card along to a manager. And if that does happen, would a manager dare tell the almighty kitchen what types of dishes to serve?

If you were a manager, how would you handle this unsolicited comment card?

Photos by Stefanie Gans