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The Daily Sip today asks the question, “Which state drinks the most wine?” The answer is not technically a state. Yes, according to figures from the Beer Institute (which apparently keeps tabs on non-hops-related stats, as well), the District consumes 6.6 gallons of vino per capita—almost two full gallons more of the grape than the second most oenophile-centric state in the nation, New Hampshire. The wino blog assumes that “[f]oreign embassies and their ample entertaining budgets may explain this outlier.” The figures, tallied in 2009, demonstrate that D.C. drinkers haven’t lost their uber-thirsty nature since 2004, when the Adams Wine Handbook also pegged the nation’s capital as the biggest collective wine-drinker among all 50 states. At that time, the stat was measured in “750-ml bottles per drinking-age adult.” D.C.’s total back then: 3,711.

Photo by Francesco Pappalardo/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license