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Photo-phobic Rogue 24 chef R.J. Cooper is going to love this: Today’s New York Times complaint box rails against all the amateur food photography taking place in restaurants these days. Michael Antonoff, identified as a creative content writer at Manhattan camera shop BH Photo, opines:

Anyone who eats out is now a potential food critic who can’t talk about food without showing it. Images are often blurry (a bit of frosting gone astray, perhaps?) or overexposed. And when will diners learn to turn off the flash? Not only would it improve the photo, it would make taking it a less intrusive experience for the other guests — you know, the ones trying to enjoy their meals.

The issue of amateur shutterbugs impacting the dining scene has been the subject of much fuss of late. Chef Cooper, for one, generated a ton of publicity last month with his rule that guests refrain from taking photos of the food at Rogue 24. His reason: The photos often suck.

Y&H wants to know: Do you care if the table next to you is snapping portraits of their meals? Or, do you think that diners are entitled to visually document the various foodstuffs they have paid for?

Amateurish photo of olives by Chris Shott