The oenophile web site Snooth offers some interesting suggestions on what fine wines to pair with the various entrees at heralded West Coast beef emporium In-N-Out Burger.

Of course, the District has no In-N-Out location to speak of. At least not yet. The closest thing, according to a recent trademark-infringement lawsuit, is the cheapest suburban Maryland equivalent, Grab-N-Go Burger, all the way out in Aberdeen.

But, if the In-N-Out lawsuit has any legitimacy, then it only stands to reason that these delectable pairings might work just as well at Grab-N-Go.

Overall, Snooth tasters seemed amazed by how well the 2009 Chateau St. Jean Chardonnay, a wine noted for its “bright fruit with creamy oak-aged character,” paired with the average In-N-Out burger.

But, if you’re going to do it right and order Grab-N-Go’s “wild style burger” (perhaps the closest thing to In-N-Out’s Animal Style Double-Double, or vice versa), then you’d be wise to instead opt for an opulent 2007 Alexander Valley Vineyards Syrah: “The Syrah really shines with the Double-Double Animal Style, turning spicy and a bit minerally, exhibiting a nice minty edge.”

Or, for something simpler, try the Oreo shake.

Photo by Chris Shott