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The good folks at GOOD magazine are putting together a map of the best sandwiches by state and have asked yours truly to nominate one tasty sammy that best represents D.C.

Rather than hastily firing off my own verdict, Young & Hungry first wants to hear from you.

Here’s the criteria: “We’re not just looking for the tastiest sammy to originate from your state (although we do accept samples). We’re not necessarily seeking the most famous, either (Kentucky may be spared the Double Down). We’re on the lookout for GOOD sammies—sandwiches with historical or cultural significance in your home state, ones that can be assembled from local ingredients, and ones that support local independent businesses. The ideal GOOD sandwich will do all three.”

What say you, sandwich eaters of Washington? Is it the jumbo fried fish sandwich at Horace & Dickie’s that Adam Richman deemed “absolutely out of this world” on Man v. Food? The crab cake at Old Ebbitt Grill? The Uruguayan chivito at Fast Gourmet?

Is it even a traditional sandwich? Does the half-smoke at Ben’s Chili Bowl merit a mention? The famous frank is sort of sandwiched between halves of bun, after all.

For that matter, what defines a sandwich?

Stick your nominations in comments.

Photo courtesy of Horace & Dickie’s