Though only on the mobile eats scene for a short six months, Sabor’a Street is calling it quits. The Latin-inspired food truck put forth a lovely, airy casing for its Dos Equis beer-battered fish and a daringly sweet chili-glazed tofu (pictured above). Tuesday morning, the operators released a short announcement on Facebook and Twitter announcing the retirement of its vending vehicle, “Lola.”

Read the full announcement below:

The last six months on the road have been quite an adventure for our team. Sabor’a Street has been a dream realized for Jorge. After much consideration, we have decided to take a break from the streets of DC and give Lola a rest so we can explore other opportunities. We are so grateful for the amazing support and loyalty our Saboreros have shown us these past months, and hope to see y’all again very soon either in the truck or through another venture.

Photo by Stefanie Gans