Goodbye, Jockey Club. Hello, 2100  Prime. Owners of the longstanding restaurant on Embassy Row announced their decision to switch out the old staid name of the place for a more modern moniker this week. One telling reaction to the re-branding of the “grande dame” of the D.C. restaurant scene comes courtesy of Y&H alum and current Washingtonian food critic Todd Kliman. His response: “Wonder what Nancy Reagan thinks.”

According to Washington Business Journal, the restaurant “had struggled to remain relevant in an era of more casual, modern restaurants. When the hotel got a multimillion-dollar facelift back in 2008, so did the restaurant (which also went through a few new chefs), but it never really caught on in popularity.”

As described in PR materials, the newer branding scheme invokes all the right buzzwords in contemporary dining: “all-natural ingredients,” “hormone-free meats,” “fish that is not over-produced,” “produce grown locally,” “respect for farmers,” and so forth.

And yet, the place isn’t totally forgoing the nostalgia angle, either: the revamped fall menu nonetheless includes a section called “Memory Lane,” offering up old staples such as lobster thermidor and Dover sole.

What do you think? Is a flashy new identity enough to convince you to reconsider the old Jock?

Logo courtesy of the Jockey Club—er, 2100 Prime