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Man On The Street DC dropped by Friday’s Truckeroo festival of mobile food vendors at Nationals Park and chatted up the operators.

Some highlights: the gal from DC Empanadas dishes about the stupid questions she sometimes hears from patrons. “The truck very clearly says ‘DC Empanadas’….It doesn’t say sandwiches, falafel, tacos, burritos, hot dogs…”

Hot dogs, it seems, are a common request. Even for the guy from the BBQ Bus DC: “Drunk white girls at bars at night love hot dogs and they want a hot dog when they come out of the bars…”

Another priceless moment: the intrepid interviewer asking other truck operators what they think of the eccentric Fojol Bros, one of whom is seen twirling a hula hoop while simultaneously doing a split.

“Um, they’re very creative,” one vendor says.

Video courtesy of YouTube