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Snake is one of those exotic meats that anecdotally tends to fall into the “tastes like chicken” category. But the slices of serpent floating amid carrots, onions and tomatoes in a zesty Thai soup at Thunder Burger last night reminded me more of fish—-halibut, in particular—-in terms of taste and texture.

Chef Ryan Fichter rattled off some other “overcooked” seafood that comes to mind when first tasting this week’s “Wild Wednesdays” special at the Georgetown bar and restaurant.

Fichter boiled 10 pounds of Burmese python in coconut milk for about 14 hours to tenderize it enough to make the stew. “It’s some really tough stuff, man,” he says.

The experience hasn’t sullied the experimental chef‘s interest in reptiles. The guy hopes to get his hands on some rattlesnake next.

Photo by Chris Shott