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Sacre bleu! Someone has snatched the four-foot statue of the Eiffel Tower that normally stands outside the Parisian-style pastry joint Terasol in Chevy Chase. In a post to the neighborhood email list, proprietor Sabrina Ousmaal describes the perpetrator of this “bold daytime theft” as a “young man … blond with a blue and white striped shirt or sweater” who witnesses say picked up the miniature Tour Eiffel and took off toward the back of a nearby Shell Station. Ousmaal tells Y&H that the incident may have been captured on a nearby security camera. Police are investigating. The cafe has posted a sign (pictured above) pleading with the perp to return it. If you have any information as to the whereabouts of this missing statue, call the cafe at (202) 237-5555.

Photo by Michael Schaffer