Pine-smoked venison with ginger-beer emulsion at Ripple

Today, City Paper releases its annual beer issue. Be sure to pick one up at your neighborhood news box. Inside you’ll find all sorts of brew-heavy content.

The Lagerheads’ Tammy Tuck reports on a watershed moment for D.C.’s craft beer scene—-the certification of the city’s first bona fide cicerones. They’re sort of like sommeliers. For beer.

Tuck further examines why that pint of locally made DC Brau costs about the same as other fine suds shipped clear across the country. Why is good beer so expensive in this town, anyway?

Meanwhile, in the DC Feed section, Y&H explores how D.C. chefs are tapping into the craft beer craze. (See if you can spot the beer in the above photo. Hint: look for tiny bubbles.)

Also, please welcome our new recurring beer column, Brew In Town.

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Photo by Chris Shott