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“They tell us to get this grease trap that, seriously, it’s like something that would be in FedEx stadium…They said they won’t even answer any questions until we install the grease trap. We get the grease trap, we install it, the [Washington Suburban Sanitation Commission] guy comes out and he looks at it and says, ‘Well, this is wrong.’ So he makes us get rid of that and get a grease trap that is literally a tenth of the size…To work that simple part out, it took like a month. We had to install a completely useless grease trap simply for them to come out and say it’s not the right grease trap. They would not even entertain the idea that what they were telling us to put in was wrong….That was the tip of the iceberg. Every single thing was a disaster.”—-Restaurateur Bo Blair, speaking to Y&H alum Tim Carman in the Washington Post on trying to open a simple sandwich and salad shop, Jetties, amid the regulatory rigmarole of Montgomery County

Photo courtesy of Jetties