Here's some food

Today is “Food Day.” Gee, that’s descriptive. Organizers have arranged for thousands of events taking place all across the country. There’s a big to-do with cooking demonstrations, tastings and a farmer’s market going on right now at Woodrow Wilson Plaza, for instance. But what’s it all about? A veritable smorgasbord of issues, it turns out, according to the web site, ranging from healthy eating to reducing hunger to reforming factory farms. I guess if you’re advocating for any sort of sustenance-related cause—-breastfeeding counts, too!—-this is the day to bring it up. Given the scattered focus, some sort of all-encompassing title was probably necessary. But “Food Day”? What, did the coffee maker break down prior to the advisory board’s brainstorming session or something?  At least the slogan isn’t awful: “It’s time to eat real, America!” Why not call it “Eat Real Day”? That might actually mean something.

Photo by Chris Shott