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Quick hits on the meatless beat.

Step Away From Your Desk: Now there are two more reasons to step away from the internet at lunch: Both Urbana and Fiola announced new lunch specials this week. Urbana‘s $14.95 “lunch box” brings a side salad, choice of pizza or sandwich, chips and a house-made chocolate chip cookie, offering at least three meatless ways to enjoy mid-day. Fiolas similarly priced lunch (five cents more) lets guests choose between a rotating menu of one entree, with three vegetarian options listed at this time, and a drink.

Get Vegucated: Meatless advocacy group Compassion Over Killing is giving away two free tickets to the DC Premiere of Vegucated, a documentary following three meat lovers and their six-week attempt at eating vegan. Click over to COK for details.

Good-Bye Bacon: Brunch is possible without bacon. No, really. Todd Gray‘s Muse, inside The Corcoran Gallery of Art, released a very, very veg-friendly menu. Welcome farro and artichoke salads, Brussels-style waffles and yogurt with granola and “early autumn” berries. These special, market-inspired offerings are only available on the first and third Sundays of each month ($25/adults, $12/12 and under).

Move Over, Turkey: November is National Vegan Month. Are any non-vegan restaurants celebrating? Haven’t heard a thing. Know of anything? Leave it in the comments.

Photo by Stefanie Gans