Quick hits on the meatless beat.

One Last Taste: Fine dining turns Mediterranean as 2941 plans to shift focus from fancy French to pastas, starting next year. This also means the Falls Church restaurant will quit its vegetarian tasting menu at year’s end. Book now for artful, yet soulful, courses of meatless tastes. (Six courses for $75/person)

Move Over Eggs: Not a sunny side up fan? Last weekend, Asia Nine launched a tapas brunch special, featuring plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, including crispy chive pancakes and rice noodles twirling with shiitake mushrooms. (Five small plates for $25/person)

Veggin’ At Home: Tip of the hat to the recipe-loving readers of the Washington Post. Four out of the top five reader-favorite recipes for the month of October contain no meat and two are fully vegan. The only meaty contender? Anthony Bourdain‘s 2004 contribution to the archive of boeuf bourguignon. I’m sure he’d be proud to ruin the list for veg-heads.

Move Over, Turkey: November is National Vegan Month. Are any non-vegan restaurants celebrating? Haven’t heard a thing. Know of anything? Leave it in the comments.

Photo by Stefanie Gans