Duck neck chawanmushi at Toki Underground

Last night, H Street ramen shop Toki Underground rang in the Thanksgiving holiday with a one-night-only Peking duck (and only duck) 10-course tasting menu. And, no big surprise, it was really tasty! As expected, there was plenty of fatty deliciousness in the form of the crispy duck skin, duck fat mayo and even a duck fat glaze on a delicious slice of pecan pie. But there were more complicated dishes, too: The duck neck chawanmushi arrived as a hot, salty-sweet custard with duck on the bottom and salmon roe on top. And the duck nigiri offered a nicely cooked slice of breast served over a ball of flavorful sticky rice. The less remarkable dishes—-like the duck liver mousse on a scallion pancake—-served as a palate cleanser between each bite of decadence.

Never fear, ramen fiends: Toki is closed today and tomorrow, but will reopen on Friday with its regular menu.

Photo by Shani Hilton