Sorriso is located at 3518 Connecticut Ave NW.

The family behind Cleveland Park’s homey Italian eatery Sorriso is expanding its tasty offerings to nearby Woodley Park with a new project: Cafe Sorriso on Calvert Street NW.

Isabella Polles, daughter of Sorriso patriarch Pietro Polles, will manage the new restaurant alongside her brother, Stefano Polles.

After years of taking their cues from Papa Polles—-occasional family spats only added to the authentic Italian charm of the place—-the siblings say they are fulfilling a long-time dream to open their own place.

Cafe Sorriso will differ from its predecessor by offering smaller plates, sandwiches, and organic options. Of course, there will also be pizza—-albeit the square kind, which is apparently all the rage with Italian youths these days, according to the sibs. (Stefano Polles studied both proper pie- and gelato-making in Italy.)

The brother-sister team have also hired former Italian embassy chef Roberto Grazioli, who specializes in pastries, for their new cafe.

Isabella Polles tells Y&H the cafe will cater to those who aren’t looking for a full-course sit down dinner and just want something they can take-out. “It will be a smaller menu, but there will be something for everyone,” she says.

Cafe Sorriso is planning on opening its doors “sometime in the new year,” she says. The siblings plan to be open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Hungry for something to eat and to wear? Well, you may have come to the right place. On the second floor of the same building, Isabella Polles will also manage her own consignment and vintage clothing store.