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Tiny but mighty popular wine bar Room 11in Columbia Heights is trying something new this weekend: Sunday brunch.

“We’ve been wanting to do it for a long time,” says chef and co-owner Ben Gilligan.“But, logistically, it’s a bit of a headache. It’s hard for us to do it in the summer because I have one reach-in fridge and we basically turn stuff over four times a week. But [with brunch] you’re dealing with a whole new menu, so suddenly you have to store 15 dozen eggs and all that good stuff. Now that it’s winter, there’s less use of the patio, which is the bulk of our seating. So it’s something that we can handle a little easier. Hopefully, by the time the weather gets better, we’re in a good rhythm so we can keep busting it out.”

On the menu: among other things, Gilligan’s playful take on green eggs and ham, priced at $10, featuring shaved speck and scrambled eggs rolled up into a sort of sliced crepe. The chef explains, “You make it like a really super thin omelet, almost like you’re making a little crepe, and then you roll the egg crepe up and you slice it so it’s almost like a fettuccine….It’s really hard to do eggs to order in this kitchen. We have one eight-burner stove. So I have to be as creative as I can with the menu.”

Interesting technique. But what would Sam I Am make of the whole thing?

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