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As if the District needed another opportunity or excuse to stuff its collective face with butter cream, Thursday, it turns out, is “National Cupcake Day.” The blog Beltway Bargain Mom has a rundown on some celebratory deals, if you care to peruse. Y&H checked in with the makers of our favorite mini cakes—-the boozy kind—-to see how they were commemorating the date. “We didn’t plan anything special,” reports Crunkcakes’ Raychel Sabath, punctuating her email with a sad emoticon. She and partner Faith Alice Sleeper are busy enough wrangling with holiday orders of the eggnog-infused “Saucy Santa” (pictured above) and its sugary ilk to bother, she says.

With at least 15 different purveyors of frosted handheld delights doing business inside the D.C. line (not including the Safeway variety), one can certainly understand any air of indifference. But, for cupcake curmudgeons like myself, it’s easy to forget how frickin’ delicious the things must seem to a butter cream newbie. [WARNING: The following cupcake does not contain alcohol or crunk of any kind.] Cue the video:

Talk about young and hungry.

Now is the perfect time to rant about that line in Georgetown, rave about how much better the stuff is at Baked + Wired, or tell me how cute my kid is, in the comments.