Is Capitol Hill’s long-delayed crêperie, Crepes On The Corner, finally ready to fire up its hot plates? Signage in the window this morning indicates the opening date is imminent. “I’m hoping the first week of January,” chef and co-owner Vincent Bradberry tells Y&H. Bradberry says the eatery just obtained its certificate of occupancy and is awaiting a health inspection. “Then it’s just logistics,” he says.

The menu has been set for many months while the operators wrangled with the usual regulatory rigmarole of doing business in the District. “It’s been a long process,” he sighs.

Bradberry says the concept will be “very different from any other crêperie” in the District. 

“I’ve got eight savory and eight sweet [crêpes] as opposed to Crêpes- a-Go-Go and all the other ones that have, like, 60 or 70 crêpes,” he says. “We’re very streamlined and very authentic. They’re French crêpes, or my twist on them. And then we’re going to have what we’re calling ‘Crêpes Around The World.’ Pretty much every culture in the world has their own version of crêpes. So every month we’re going to represent a different region or country and create crêpes and other food with that.”

Back in November, TBD posted photos of the space and some of its crêpes, including a tasty-looking  “Banana Split.”

Of course, the actual crêpes aren’t the only thing that the forthcoming crêperie has going for it. “I mean, crêpes are just a very small part of it,” Bradberry says. “We’re going to have homemade soups, sandwiches, and salads. We’re making our own pâtés, our own duck confit. There’s a lot going on.”

Photo by Chris Shott