Food truck operators have been racking up the parking tickets lately.”No matter how much you feed the meter, they’re always eager to give tickets,” Basil Thyme’s Brian Farrell tells WRC-TV’s News4 I-Team. Farrell thinks the city’s parking enforcement crew is targeting the mobile eats machines, so he called on the TV news station to investigate. Turns out, a whole bunch of roving food vendors are getting ticketed “almost daily,” according to the station’s report, generally because they’re parked in the same spot for more than the two-hour limit. In other words, illegally.

The Department of Public Works, which oversees parking enforcement in the city, confirms that it now has a two-person team assigned to “to address the increased presence of food trucks that violate parking regulations,” but adds that those meter maids should be handing out tickets to all rule-breakers—-not just the trucks. The tasty truckers, however, say that other meter violators are being ignored while the ticket writers focus squarely on their vehicles. As you might expect, the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington, whose membership competes with the trucks for your coveted dining dollar, is siding with the city on this one. What do you think? Check out the full televised report below.