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The initial figures on The Hamilton were pretty staggering. The massive new restaurant spans some 37,000 square feet, employs nearly 400 people and offers seating for up to 850 diners (that’s counting all dining rooms, the upstairs loft area and downstairs concert hall, bar stools and all). That much we knew. Now, in an interview with Washingtonian, John Laytham, CEO of Clyde’s Restaurant Group, which operates the new downtown behemoth, dishes up some further facts and figures on the District’s most mammoth eatery. Herewith, the hard numbers:

Length of lease: 40 years

Rent: $20 per square foot (roughly $740,000)

Cost to build: $24 million (including $5.5 million in city tax-increment financing)

Projected sales tax in 2012: $2.5 million

Projected 2012 sales at sister property Old Ebbitt Grill, located right around the corner: $26 million

Cost to build Old Ebbitt: $4.4 million (1983)

Customers turned away each day at Old Ebbitt: 800 to 900.