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What’s the biggest daily newspaper in town spending these days on recipe testing? Around $15,000 annually, according to a report by Y&H alum Tim Carman in the Post. This is to ensure that the churros you’re making: (a) don’t suck, and (b) don’t explode in your face like they did in Chile, injuring 13 and resulting in a $160,000 settlement paid by the newspaper La Tercera, which had published the untested and ill-informed fried dough recipe back in 2004. Thankfully, despite layoffs and budget cuts, newspapers across the country are still devoting the resources to prevent these types of kitchen disasters from happening. Heck, the Associated Press apparently hired two chefs to handle the dirty work. Suddenly, I feel rather justified for having emptied my wallet to obtain the necessary hard-to-find herbs in order to recreate that notorious Alice B. Toklas recipe last week—-’tis a mere pittance compared to what the Post is paying.