At noon today, the new Fuel Pizza opens on K Street NW. The first 50 people in line will win a year’s worth of free food. Well, sort of, anyway. Washingtonian explains: “Each will receive a coupon book with one gratis item every week for 52 weeks, ranging from a combo meal to a whole pie, chicken wings, desserts, and more.”

Later this afternoon, Thunder Burger unveils its latest “Wild Wednesday” special. This week, it’s “partridge and cognac sausage over an arugula salad w/ Shropshire English blue cheese.” No pear tree, sadly. Or pears, for that matter.

Tonight, PS7’s hosts a white wine and pig dinner.

Tomorrow, Belga Cafe is offering three-course Genever-themed supper. Meanwhile, the Capital Wine Festival kicks off with an opening reception at 2100 Prime.

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