Enter the shadowy world of D.C. baristas and their foamy monthly “fight club.” Dolcezza, Filter, Peregrine, Chinatown Coffee Company—-they’re all involved. [Borderstan]

Asylum, R.I.P. [Prince of Petworth]

José Andrés ranks No. 41 among the “50 Most Powerful People in Washington.” His restaurant Minibar, you’ll recall, ranks No. 1 in our book. [GQ]

Former Galileo III chef Roberto Donna has skipped town for Scottsdale, Ariz., carrying more than a little baggage. [WaPo]

Sommelier smackdown! Professional oenophiles Theo Rutherford of Fiola, Brent Kroll of Adour and Eli Benchimol of Chef Geoff’s, among others, will compete in a “race of the taste” at the International Wine & Food Festival next month. [NBC Washington]

Is your server drunk right now? [Grub Street]