If you haven’t checked out our regular “Cocktail Guess” column, here’s what you’ve been missing: our thirsty writers Alex Baca and Shani Hilton set out every other week to test the mettle of D.C.’s top mixologists by ordering drinks in either a specifically vague or just plain challenging manner. Then they rate the results on both taste and creativity. Back in October, one of the gals paid a visit to Bloomingdale’s Big Bear Cafe, where she told the bartender, “Make me a tequila cocktail with no citrus or peel.” To which, the astute server aptly noted, “You know almost everything has citrus in it, right?” Nonetheless, the bartender whipped up something pretty tasty, combining the agave spirit with cherry juice and ginger beer. On a scale of 1 to 5, the impromptu libation earned 3 points—-not too shabby, by our standards. (Our critics are tough!)

Last night, the same writer, Ms. Hilton, returned to Big Bear, only to find out that the same drink is now listed on the actual menu, under the flattering title, “The Muckraker.” Aw, shucks, you guys! “Yeah, that may have been named for you,” she was told.  She decided to order another one. It’s still pretty good, she reports.

Photo by Shani Hilton