More national acclaim for D.C.’s food scene: the trade journal Chinese Restaurant News has named Capitol Hill’s Young Chow Chen Restaurant among the country’s Top 100 Asian restaurants in the overall excellence category. A press release hails the eatery’s “encyclopedia-like menu” of “more than 100 menu items.” That hundred-some figure, by the way, is actually lowballing it. Looking at the restaurant’s website, Y&H counts a total of 412 menu listings, including soups, sushi, Asian fusion dishes, lunch specials, as well as vegetarian and special diet options. Whew! The deluge of dishes available makes you wonder how a place like this can demonstrate excellence in any category. Other than sheer volume, of course. Don’t bother asking me if the food is any good or not. It would take months for any professional critic to sample enough of this menu to comment fairly on overall quality. The “Mystery Diner” who does the scoring for Chinese Restaurant News must possess superhuman metabolism.