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In this week’s print column, Y&H ponders the escargot hush puppy, among other things, at Mintwood Place in Adams Morgan. A rep from the restaurant reached out today to note a discrepancy in the reported price of the fancy snail balls, which currently sell for $9—-not $7, as indicated in the article. When Y&H pointed to receipts showing the $7 price, the rep explained that the cost of the curious foodstuff had just recently increased: “The price was changed approximately 2 weeks ago because we were purchasing escargot from Indonesia, but are now getting it from France.” Sure enough, a more recent receipt (from my sixth visit to the Columbia Road eatery) reflects the higher $9 price. So, there you have it: in a matter of just a few weeks, chef Cedric Maupillier‘s unique Franco-American hybrid hush puppy has become even more French and, accordingly, a bit more expensive to boot.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery