Here’s a little more info about that reported salmonella outbreak that has sickened some 90 people across 19 states and right here in D.C.

A spokesperson for the D.C. Department of Health confirms at least two cases of salmonella poisoning in the District. Exactly what caused the salmonellosis is unclear and no other details are available at the moment, according to DOH.

WTOP is reporting that no D.C. restaurants have been implicated in the outbreak.

Meanwhile, the Baltimore Sun is reporting a total of eight people have been infected in Maryland. Health officials there say that “sushi is one of the food sources being tracked because a high proportion of victims ate sashimi or sushi in the week before becoming sick, which is the incubation period for salmonella.”

Other reports have narrowed the suspicion to “spicy tuna rolls,” in particular.

The symptoms of samonellosis are, well, unappetizing to say the least. Read more here.

Incidentally, Y&H just spotted a colleague unwittingly eating some takeout sushi—-spicy tuna, in fact. Stay tuned for updates on her condition.

A colorful spicy Ahi tuna roll via Shutterstock