Two weeks ago, NBC Washington broke the news that a Chick-fil-A food truck would soon begin trolling the streets of D.C. The announcement sparked a flurry of web debate about the fried chicken chain, its apparent political leanings and whether D.C. denizens should eat the stuff in good conscience. Today marks the target date of the chicken-nugget-and-waffle-fry truck’s intended launch. Yet, the preferred mode of communication for the mobile eats industry, Twitter, was surprisingly devoid of information about the splashy new vehicle’s whereabouts, offering only a bunch of puzzled comments from anxious eaters wondering what had become of the supposed roving purveyor of Polynesian sauce.

NBC 4’s Darcy Spencer, who originally reported on the truck’s roll out, offers an update via Tweet: “now I’m told it will happen next week, but waiting for a call back from the franchise owner to confirm.”

Y&H also has put a call in to the franchisee. Stay tuned for more details.