D.C.’s much talked-about Chick-fil-A food truck isn’t hitting the streets for a little bit longer. In the meantime, folks craving some waffle fries (which the truck apparently won’t be serving) can still head over to Catholic University—-home to the District’s only existing outpost of the Georgia-based fried chicken chain.

Well, sort of, anyway.

Adam Fox, marketing manager of dining services at Catholic, describes the venue as “non-traditional.” You can say that again. Located in a small food court, Catholic’s scaled-down Chick-fil-A Express has a modified menu of pre-prepared food kept warm under heat lamps. The offerings include nuggets, chicken salad, waffle fries, the signature Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich, char-grilled chicken sandwich, and freshly squeezed lemonade.

Oh, and yes, you can procure many of the same condiments that you find in the full-service Chick-fil-A locations in the suburbs, including the hallowed Polynesian sauce—-“the most popular among our guests,” Fox writes in an email.

Considering all the controversy over the chicken chain’s religious-based politics, the location at Catholic makes some sense. (Similar campus-based locations at American University and Howard University have closed in recent years.)

It’s also quite popular, according to Fox. Nearly 700 visitors a day chow down at Catholic’s Chick-fil-A, making it one of the food court’s most frequented options. The licensed location set up shop in 2005 and is managed by cafeteria giant Aramark. Employees, though, are trained by Chick-fil-A to “ensure brand integrity,” Fox tells me.

Those planning on making the trip shouldn’t rely on Google maps unless they don’t mind asking for help with directions from students. For more precise instructions, Chick-fil-A is located in the Pryzbyla Center, in coordinates E12 of this map.

Chick-fil-A, 620 Michigan Ave. NE, (202) 319-6874

Photo by Ashley Dejean