Part of the scuttlebutt among local Caps fans today has involved a potential boycott of Boston-based products and businesses in the build-up to tonight’s deciding Game 7 against the defending Stanley Cup champion Bruins.

One particular Beantown-based outfit here in D.C. is caught in the cross-hairs. I’m referring, of course, to the Chinatown outpost of Legal Sea Foods, located directly across from Verizon Center, the Caps’ home ice.

So, before you forgo that cup of New England-style clam chowder this evening, executive chef Alan Adenan wants you to know where his crew’s allegiance really is.

“The Capitals are a big part of our business here on 7th Street,” Adenan tells Y&H.  “For the season, we are packed. So we’re big Caps fans…We need them to win, you know, because that brings us, hopefully, seven more games. And that brings us more business and that’s all we’re about.”

Of course, not everyone on the local Legal Sea Foods staff may share Adenan’s devotion to the home team. Or, in this case, the away team; tonight’s face-off takes place on the Bruins’ home ice. “There are a good number of Boston fans,” the chef admits, “because there’s a couple of transfers here from Boston. But, for the most part, we love the Capitals.”

Whatever his skills in the kitchen, Adenan sure seems to know his hockey. During our phone chat, the chef offered high-praise for Caps coach Dale Hunter‘s leadership and noted the surprising play of rookie goaltender Braden Holtby: “He’s going against Tim Thomas, the veteran, and you know what, there’s, what, a one-goal difference between the two?”Adenan also offered words of respect for the opposition (“their first line, they’re just animals!”) and encouragement for the would-be Caps standouts who haven’t exactly lighted the lamp much in this series. Star forward Alex Ovechkin, for one. “Hopefully, they’ll shine tonight,” the chef says.

The bottom line: “We don’t anyone to boycott,” Adenan says. “We want them to come in and enjoy some Boston food and some D.C. hospitality.”

Who knows, maybe your chewing up some baked Boston scrod ($21.95) tonight will inspire the Caps to chew up the competition? Maybe.

Legal Sea Foods, 704 7th Street NW, (202) 347-0007

Image of New England clam chowder via Shutterstock