What better place for a roundtable on small businesses than a small business that serves hoagies? That appears to have been the rationale for President Barack Obama‘s visit to Taylor Gourmet on 14th Street NW this morning. Most of the trip was a platform for Obama to push Congress to pass some initiatives of the administration’s, which, due to the fact that the federal government barely functions in an election year, it will not pass.

But there was also a chance for the chief executive to eat. Per White House pool reports by Politico‘s Donovan Slack, which Washington City Paper obtained from a news organization that actually gets ’em, Obama ordered a 12-inch Spruce Street sandwich, with roasted turkey, prosciutto, roasted red peppers, and provolone. Slack also reports: “A White House official says POTUS did in fact pick up hoagies for his lunch with congressional leaders at the White House today. The official declined to elaborate on exactly what types, saying only that it was ‘an assortment of sandwiches.'” The tab came to $62.39.

UPDATE: NBC Washington has the pool video:

After the jump, the official White House bios on the owners of Taylor, Yes! Organic Market, and Francis Lee Contracting, a Ward 8-based construction firm that also participated in Obama’s visit:

The individuals noted below will be participating in the roundtable discussion.

Casey Patten & David Mazza, Founders and Co-Owners Taylor Gourmet

Philadelphia natives Casey Patten and David Mazza are founders and co-owners of Taylor Gourmet, an Italian deli with four locations in the Washington, DC metropolitan region. As the chef and creative partner, Casey is knowledgeable in quick-serve and casual dining. He has been involved in the service industry since 1995. David is responsible for the business planning and has a background in real estate. They opened the first Taylor Gourmet location in 2008. Casey and David were approved for an SBA-backed loan that helped them purchase their third location on 14th Street NW in Washington, DC. They will open a fifth location this summer and plan to hire more than 25 new employees. Casey and David are residents of Washington, DC.

Brian J. Smith, Founding Principal Francis Lee Contracting

Brian J. Smith is a founding principal at Francis Lee Contracting, a three-year-old general contracting firm that specializes in construction. The company employs 14 people and is headquartered in Washington, DC’s Ward 8. Brian has twenty years of experience in the commercial real estate development and financial services industries. With the help of SBA counseling, the company has experienced tremendous success, seeing an annual revenue growth of over 75%. Brian plans to hire additional employees this year and purchase needed construction equipment. Brian is a resident of Arlington, Virginia.

Kathy Rachels, President of Yes! Organic Markets

Kathy Rachels is the president of Yes! Organic Markets. Kathy was born in Korea and immigrated to the United States in 1971. She went into business with her two brothers Gene and Gary Cha, opening their first Yes! Organic Market on Columbia Road NW in Washington, D.C. With the help of two SBA-backed loans, they were able to purchase two separate additional locations, 3425 Connecticut Avenue NW and 4100 Georgia Avenue NW in Washington, DC. Today there are eight locations in the Washington, DC metropolitan region. Kathy has plans to open an additional store and higher more employees. Kathy is a resident of Arlington, Virginia.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery