Really, wasn’t it only a matter of time? Among the many food trucks that have debuted in recent months, at last one of them is taking on zombies. Pho Junkies, which serves Vietnamese pho soup, is the “brain”child (Y&H apologizes) of high school buddies and Virginia natives Woo Jin Lee and Luan Vo. (Tagline: Better than Brains.)

Vo’s parents own a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Viet Flare in Alexandria. After struggling to find jobs post-graduation, Lee and Vo decided to take Vo’s parents’ cooking and translate it to a food truck. As for the zombies, Lee tells Y&H they didn’t want to just paint the truck a bright color and slap on a name.

Lee and Vo grew up playing zombie video games like Resident Evil and are really into AMC show The Walking Dead right now. They wanted the truck to reflect their interests. And those interests just happen to be zombies.

The blood-spattered truck is painted with armored panels and fire-blasting exhaust pipes—a nod to the zombie-killing vehicle outfitted with chainsaws, machine guns, and barbed wire that charges through the undead at the end of Dawn of the Dead.

The truck also pays homage to zombie pop culture with a sticker reading “I believe in Rick Grimes,” the zombie-surviving protagonist on The Walking Dead. There’s also a an umbrella (crossed out) symbolizing the evil pharmaceutical company called Umbrella Corporation in Resident Evil.

Pho Junkies call their customers “survivors” and tweet things like “Chef! The response team is reporting that the survivors at Metro Center are pho-less there! Let’s go save them!”

But the zombie motif only goes so far: There will be no brains in your soup.


CORRECTION: A previous version of this story stated that Lee’s parents own Pho Viet Flare. In fact, Vo’s parents own it.