Earlier today, Prince of Petworth spotted a notice on the door of Mid City Deli at 14th and P streets NW stating that the space appeared vacant and that the property management company had changed the locks.

Barac Co. property manager Fred Rivas tells Y&H that the landlord is looking to take over the property and is under litigation with the tenant.

“The tenant has some issues. I don’t know what kind of issues,” Rivas says. He would not specify any further details.

Health inspection reports reveal that Mid City Deli has had a series of food safety and hygiene violations in recent months. In fact, the shop was ordered to suspend operations in April after an inspector found dead roaches, rodent droppings, no hand washing, and a series of other sanitation problems.

In the meantime, Rivas says the tenant has not relinquished keys to the property and is not answering the phone. That’s what led to the notice on the door. (Y&H wasn’t able to track the tenant down, either—the phone number has been disconnected.)

There was a fire on the building’s third floor last Thursday; Rivas says that’s got nothing to do with the dispute over the deli.

Rivas adds that the goal is to restore the building and re-rent it. Already, the landlord has been approached by several interested tenants.

Photo via Google Maps