Put it on tap, and it’s officially trendy.

Two weeks ago in the print edition of Washington City Paper, we rounded up five restaurants offering drinks other than beer and wine on draft. Then last week, we discussed how Jackie Greenbaum‘s forthcoming Columbia Heights Mexican joint El Chucho will join Bandolero in offering margaritas on tap. Now, Y&H learns that Policy has introduced a strawberry-rhubarb collins on tap with four more cocktail draft lines to be installed soon.

Policy GM Jordan Davidowitz says he makes the carbonated drink with strawberry-infused vodka, rhubarb simple syrup, and “clarified” lemon juice. The $8 drink is served with a basil sugar rim and strawberry on the side.

In two weeks to a month, Policy will install a more permanent cocktail draft rig at its bar. Davidowitz is looking to include a gin and tonic, watermelon collins with mint, a tequila drink, and possibly a whiskey cocoction. The on-draft cocktails will change seasonally.

Who’s next? Let us know if you hear of other places offering cocktails on tap in the comments.

Photo courtesy of Policy