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The Dish: Dulet

Where to Get It: Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant, 1503 9th St. NW; 202-232-7272; queenofshebadc.com

Price: $11.95

What It Is: Lamb tripe and lamb liver mixed with lean beef, diced onions, jalapeños, garlic, spicy mitmita (a red-orange powdered seasoning), and homemade butter.

What It Tastes Like: With its finely minced texture, dulet is soft, chewy, and crunchy at the end—like raw clams. It is earthy and tender, deliciously seasoned with tangy, spicy mitmita powder which builds in heat.

History of the Dish: Tripe gets a bad rap. In fact, it gets a shitty one, but that’s unfounded. Tripe has been served in just about every country for centuries, even this one. Ethiopian dulet is often eaten for breakfast and on special occasions.

How to Eat It: Dulet is served on injera bread, which is best described as a soft sourdough crepe the size of a satellite dish. Tear off a piece of injera with your right hand only, scoop up the meat mixture, and stuff your face accordingly. Proceed to wash it down with Ethiopian honey wine.

Photo by Mary Kong-DeVito