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The Dish: Seafood Push-Pops

Where to Get Them: Pulpo, 3407 Connecticut Ave. NW; (202) 450-6875; pulpodc.com

Price: $10 for nine push-pops (three of each flavor)

What They Are: Like the ice cream push-pops of your childhood, but with creamy mixtures of minced seafood instead.  There are three flavors: salty anchovies in Spanish olive relish, tuna in tangy lemon and garlic aioli, and octopus in a milky brava sauce with Anaheim chilis. Each push-pop is about a bite and a half.

What They Taste Like: A practical joke for unsuspecting children or a treat for seafood lovers.

Story Behind the Dish: Chef Scott Perry says he just wants guests to have a fun and unique experience at Pulpo that will keep them talking.

How to Eat Them: Grab a cylinder and proceed to push the contents into your mouth. Savor accordingly.

Photo by Mary Kong-DeVito